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Rely+On Virkon is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective for routine preventative disinfection and for terminal decontamination in an infectious disease outbreak. May be used in environments such as healthcare institutions, research laboratories, food production establishments, hotel and residential settings. To be used for surface disinfection only.

Proven efficacy against broad range of microorganisms including

  • Virus: Coronavirus (e.g. SARS, MERS), Retrovirus (HIV-1), Adenovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
  • Bacteria: E.coli, Clostridium sporogenes, MRSA, Salmonella
  • Fungi: Candida albicans, Aspergillus fumigatus

Mode of Action

Rely+On™ Virkon™ oxidizes key structures and compounds, such as proteins, leading to widespread, irreversible damage and subsequent deactivation/ destruction of the microorganism. There is no evidence to suggest that bacterial disease-causing organisms develop resistance towards Rely+On™ Virkon™ as opposed to some other disinfectant types.

Proven Broad Spectrum Efficacy

Independently proven highly effective against:
• over 100 strains of virus in 22 viral families
• over 400 strains of bacteria
• over 60 strains of fungi and yeast
using a wide variety of contact times, temperatures and organic challenge levels.


Rely+On™ Virkon™ Powder

  • 500g container – makes 50 litres of disinfectant
  • $62.00

  • 5kg drum – makes 500 litres of disinfectant
  • $400.00

Medical Facilities

  • Routine disinfection of hard surfaces, furniture, floors, walls and doors in hospital wards, clinics and laboratories.
  • Broad spectrum disinfection and decontamination of hard surfaces in critical clinical facilities, such as operating theatres, intensive care units and accident and emergency departments.
  • Body fluid spillage clear-up and decontamination.

Pathology and Biosafety Containment Laboratories

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment*, such as benches, floors, walls and doors, cabinets, centrifuges and pipette discard jars.

Treatment Salons

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces such as floors, walls and doors.

Residential Homes

  • Routine disinfection of hard surfaces, equipment*, furniture, floors, walls and doors in treatment and communal areas, corridors and bathrooms.

*not for use for the disinfection of medical devices.

The level of disease-causing organisms present after general cleaning can remain high enough to offer a serious disease challenge to patients and staff. Using a disinfectant proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, such as Rely+On™ Virkon™, is essential.


Readily soluble in tap water, Rely+On™ Virkon™ dissolves into a pink solution, which activates within 5 minutes and remains stable for up to 5 days, as a 1:100 solution.

Unused or inactive solutions may be disposed of via the sink (leading to waste water treatment facilities and in accordance with local regulations).


Rely+On™ Virkon™ oxygen-based chemistry contains simple organic salts and organic acids and the active ingredient decomposes by a variety of routes within the environment, in soil and water, breaking down to form the naturally occurring substances, potassium salts and oxygen. The major organic components are classified as readily biodegradable according to OECD and EU tests. Independent studies have shown that diluted Rely+On™ Virkon™ should not, when used as directed, pose any threat to sewage treatment facilities.